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PLC Programmable logic controller

For modern IoT applications, automation technology needs to be increasingly more powerful and adaptable. u-mation offers a coordinated hardware portfolio designed for the future-proof preparation of your machines and systems. u-control 2000 is one of the most compact and state-of-the-art control systems on the market and is the centerpiece of our hardware portfolio. u-control 2000 forms the basis required for use of our engineering solutions u-create web, studio and IoT. The controllers modular design is based on the remote I/O system u-remote, and allows for needs-based expansion to include other components from the u-mation family.

Technical Data Highlights

  • * Fitted with a fieldbus and TCP/IP interface, plus an optional CAN interface
  • * Dual Core Arm A9 processor
  • * Compatible with u-create software applications and u-remote I/O modules
  • * Enables saving of projects, has USB service interface and allows data exchange

* Battery-buffered realtime clock and slot for Micro SD cards up to 32 GB


u-remote IO-Link IP20 and IP67
Remote I/O Communication and counter modules : IP20 and IP67

Weidmuller is IP20 and IP67 IO-Link Master modules feature simple, user-friendly web-based configuration and monitoring. This allows users to conveniently change parameters using the web server, and provides for both on-site and remote testing and diagnostics without the need for additional software. The IO-Link master's processes and procedures can be simulated without a connection to the controller for simplified phase commissioning, and faster service response in the event of unplanned downtime.

Technical Data Highlights

  • * Connection for 4 IO-Link devices 
  • * IO-Link standard according to IEC 61131-9 
  • * Protocol support IO-Link v.1.0 and v.1.1 
  • * Max. 20 m wire length 
  • * Internal data width 4-32 bytes, configurable


    u-view Touch panels

    Convenient touch panels make it easy to monitor and control machines and systems.

    u-view touch panels from Weidmuller offer excellent image quality and can be used in an industrial environment without any restrictions.

    The basic product line features resistive single-touch panels with a diagonal of 7" or 10.1" and the advanced line features capacitive multi-touch panels with a diagonal of 7", 10.1", or 15.6".

    All panels are equipped with a Linux operating system using a HTML5-capable browser and are optimized for web-applications due to the integrated kiosk mode and their easy configuration.

    As a result, they are the perfect solution for web-based visualizations and allow access to different webservers, for example u-create PROCON-WEB, u-control web and many more.

    The panels have a particularly flat design, with a robust aluminium IP66 housing.

    u-view Basic Line

    • Resistive touch controls
    • Elegant, flat aluminium front in IP66 degree of protection
    • Ethernet interfaces: 1 x 100 Mbit
    • Different display sizes and resolutions:
         4.3"– 480 x 272 pixels
         7"– 800 x 480 pixels
        10.1"– 1.280 x 800 pixels


    u-view Advanced Line

    • Capacitive multitouch operation
    • Smooth user interface for optimum cleaning in IP66 degree of protection
    • Ethernet interfaces: 2 x 10/100/1.000 Mbit
    • Different display sizes and resolutions:
          7"– 800 x 480 pixels
         10.1"– 1.280 x 800 pixels
         15.6"– 1.366 x 768 pixels


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