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Power Supply Weidmuller

Switch-mode power supplies



    • DCL technology for an excellent dynamic range
    • High energy efficiency (up to 95.4 % efficiency)
    • Mode of operation: single or parallel operation and adjustable short-circuit response (continuous current or switch-off)
    • Long service life of up to 20 years, MTBF > 1,000,000 h.
    • Extremely slim design
    • Time-saving PUSH IN connection technology

    Ordering data

    PRO TOP1 72W 24V 3A 2466850000
    PRO TOP1 120W 24V 5A 2466870000
    PRO TOP1 240W 24V 10A 2466880000
    PRO TOP1 480W 24V 20A 2466890000
    PRO TOP1 960W 24V 40A 2466900000
    PRO TOP1 120W 12V 10A 2466910000
    PRO TOP1 480W 48V 10A 2467030000
    PRO TOP1 960W 48V 20A 2466920000


• Single-phase switched-mode power supply modules
• Very slim design
• High degree of efficiency
• Power category 70...1,000 W
• Up to five devices can be connected in parallel without a diode module
• International approvals

Ordering data

PRO MAX 72W 24V 3A 1478100000
PRO MAX 120W 24V 5A 1478110000
PRO MAX 180W 24V 7,5A 1478120000
PRO MAX 240W 24V 10A 1478130000
PRO MAX 480W 24V 20A 1478140000
PRO MAX 960W 24V 40A 1478150000
PRO MAX 70W 5V 14A 1478210000
PRO MAX 72W 12V 6A 1478220000
PRO MAX 120W 12V 10A 1478230000
PRO MAX 240W 48V 5A 1478240000
PRO MAX 480W 48V 10A 1478250000
PRO MAX 960W 48V 20A 1478270000


• Single- and three-phase switched-mode power supply units
• Slim design
• Large temperature range from –25 °C to 70 °C
• The output voltage can be precisely adjusted via the potentiometer on the front
• Remote monitoring via integrated status relay
• Three-colored LED indicators for simple error detection
• Advanced visual warning at 90 % rated output current
• International approvals

PRO ECO 72W 24V 3A 1469470000
PRO ECO 120W 24V 5A 1469480000
PRO ECO 240W 24V 10A 1469490000
PRO ECO 480W 24V 20A 1469510000
PRO ECO 960W 24V 40A 1469520000
PRO ECO 72W 12V 6A 1469570000
PRO ECO 120W 12V 10A 1469580000
PRO ECO 240W 48V 5A 1469590000
PRO ECO 480W 48V 10A 1469610000



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